"Look for rainbows" - Sterling Silver adjustable wrap ring

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In order to offer you (or your loved one) a beautiful piece of Sterling Silver handmade jewellery at a pocket-friendly price, we've designed this adjustable ring to be as cost effective as possible!


These weigh under 7.78 grams, and therefore don't require hallmarking, which saves time and money.


Also check out the "Look for rainbows" bangles, these are great if you have a bit more to say!


The recommended quote to be carried on this band is "LOOK FOR RAINBOWS", which is taken from a quote by Oscar Wilde:-


“When it rains look for rainbows, when it's dark look for stars”


...but if you'd rather choose your own personalisation that is fine too :)


This is an adjustable ring.  We make it to a pretty average size (Q/8), and then it can stretch open or closed a few sizes either way to ensure a good fit.  This makes the ring perfect to send as a gift as you don't need their ring size!


If you do know the size you'd like, you are welcome to leave us details at checkout.


If you'd like me to send your ring straight to a loved one, please leave me details at checkout.  I can include a hand written note too, it would be my pleasure 💕


"Look for rainbows" - Sterling Silver adjustable wrap ring

  • Your jewellery arrives with a small piece of silver cleaning cloth.  It's impregnated with tarnish remover to keep your jewellery nice and sparkly!  If you take good care of your purchase you will be able to wear it for a long long time, and perhaps you may pass it down to future generations.

    Let them know it was made with love x