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Cow Parsley - botanical earrings

"Beauty is everywhere if you open your eyes and your heart, and as I wander the Yorkshire Dales I'm grabbing inspiration from wherever I can"

Nikki brings leaves and foliage home and makes moulds, which are then pressed with Silver to recreate the gift that was given by nature, to form a piece that will last forever...


These earrings are made using beautiful cow parsley. These clusters of white, frothy flowers are a familiar sight along roadsides, hedgerows and woodland edges, and are sometimes overlooked and considered 'background' flowers, but we think they're just so pretty!


Every round(ish) ear stud is hand pressed using a mould taken from real cow parsley, and each is different to the next depending on the area of the plant that we choose!  They measure approx 1cm in diameter and have Sterling Silver post and butterfly (scroll) backs.


One of a kind, and knock-out beautiful!


Fine Silver is 99.9% pure Silver.  For clarity, Sterling Silver has a purity of 92.5%, so with this range you get a little more Silver for your money :)

Cow Parsley - botanical earrings

  • Your jewellery arrives with a small piece of silver cleaning cloth.  It's impregnated with tarnish remover to keep your jewellery nice and sparkly!  If you take good care of your purchase you will be able to wear it for a long long time, and perhaps you may pass it down to future generations.

    Let them know it was made with love x