'Snowdrop' - beautiful Silver earrings

Hello Spring!


If you're anything like Nikki (our designer/maker), the first signs of Spring will fill your heart with joy and excitement for the happy days to come ðŸ’•


"Over the past few years, just as the snowdrops first start to appear, I keep planning to create a set of earrings to celebrate the feeling of happiness I get when I see my first few...this year, I made it happen!" ðŸŒ±


Your earrings will be made in our Yorkshire based studio, with love.  Their drops measure approx 20mm, and the drop of the 'stalk' measures approx 35mm.


The Silver of the flowers is given a satin finish.  These really are very very pretty...suitable for mothers and daughters alike x


'Snowdrop' - beautiful Silver earrings

  • Your jewellery arrives with a small piece of silver cleaning cloth.  It's impregnated with tarnish remover to keep your jewellery nice and sparkly!  If you take good care of your purchase you will be able to wear it for a long long time, and perhaps you may pass it down to future generations.

    Let them know it was made with love x

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