Little Silver - handmade ring stack

3 Sterling Silver handmade rings to wear together, or each on their own!


The first is a flat band, that can be stamped with the words of your choice in teeny tiny letters that measure approx 1.5mm.


The second forged from round wire, is left smooth and oxidised to darken, this creates contrast against the silver rings.


The final ring is gently hammered to form little faces that reflect the light from all angles.


If you plan to wear all 3 rings at once, I recommend that you opt for 1 size larger than your usual ring size

Little Silver - handmade ring stack

  • Your jewellery arrives with a small piece of silver cleaning cloth.  It's impregnated with tarnish remover to keep your jewellery nice and sparkly!  If you take good care of your purchase you will be able to wear it for a long long time, and perhaps you may pass it down to future generations.

    Let them know it was made with love x