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Snapshot from the last 2 weeks...

On March 1st we saw the beginning of the fabulous #marchmeetthemaker over on Instagram, which is the brainchild of @joannehawker. It's a great way for us small business owners and creatives to share a little bit about ourselves, our products, and our creative process.

I have loved seeing how everyone is interpreting the various themes, which have so far included 'Brand values', 'Hands at work', and '3 things'...among others!

If you haven't checked out the #meetthemaker hashtag yet I really do recommend it if you like the idea of seeing a little into the life of other independent artists 💕

We're keeping this going for the whole of March, so please do come and have a look at what we're up to! Future themes of the day include 'Day in the life', 'Sneak peek' and 'Looking forward'.....

Beautiful handmade jewellery, by Magic in the grass

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