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Shiona loves the 'lariat' style of necklace...

...and we agree, it's great, as you can pull the heart/cross/star as far as you like through the personalised disk to create the length that you require to suit your neckline - nice.

But the thing is, Shiona also loves her jewellery a little bit chunky!

So guess what she did...? Shiona asked if we could help. Of course we could help, in fact, it was our pleasure 🤩

We made her necklace a little heavier - the chain was chunky and longer, and the heart charm sawn by hand from thicker Sterling Silver.

So if you see something on our site that sparks an idea, or gives you inspiration for something a little 'off menu' like Shiona, and ask 👍

Handmade Silver jewellery, by Magic in the grass.

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