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Exciting times!

We're thrilled to share our news with you, our MAGIC community....

The last couple of years have been tough for small business' like mine, and I am eternally grateful for the support we've seen here...each and every LIKE, SHARE & all your purchases are so appreciated....and now is the time for us to give back...

We now gift 34p from every piece of jewellery sold at to Magic Breakfast via Work for Good... Magic Breakfast is a pioneer and leading light when it comes to tackling the urgent issue of child morning hunger in the UK. Through their network of over 960 schools they are currently providing healthy breakfasts to over 167,000 vulnerable children each morning.

"For just 34p 'Magic Breakfast' can give a child a nutritious breakfast as well as wrap-around support" So now when you wear our jewellery, you'll not only be looking good...but you'll be doing good too!

You can read more about their fantastic work here:

Beautiful handmade Silver jewellery:

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