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Cassius in the garden...

Yesterday was too beautiful an afternoon to be indoors, so I brought the studio out to the garden ☀️ 🌱

I was busy making two of our 'Cassius' - heavyweight chunky solid Silver cuffs.

These rounded cuffs takes super strength and many a heavy old hammer to form their shape.  The diameter of the wire is 5mm, which perhaps doesn't sound like a lot, but the average sized ladies cuff (6 inches) weighs in at over 31 grams solid Sterling Silver.  Average man's size (7 inches) is over 36 grams!


This cuff is a part of the 'Beaten Track' range.  Suitable for anybody who likes their jewellery to have character and personality.  No two pieces are completely alike.

#lovemyjob #makingthings #facetothesun #jewellerydesign#chunkyjewellery #magicinthegrass #create #handmadejewellery

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