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'Magic in the grass' is temporarily closed to new purchases while I go and get myself all married!  


I won't be picking up an messages (or tools!) until August 10th when the shop will reopen with some new goodies!


Thank you all for your patience, love Nikki x

Amber & Green

£18.00 (Coming soon)

These contemporary Sterling Silver earrings each feature two small chunks of Amber, the classic golden honey coloured and also the less seen green hue.

Amber is formed from fossilized tree resin, it is millions of years old.  In my eyes, that makes it pretty cool.  If you're lucky, your's may feature natural inclusions of animal and plant material suspended within them!

The full length of these beauts is around 21mm, and each chunk will be around 5mm, however each cube is hand-cut, so sizes will vary.

A very pretty addition to your Summer outfit!