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'Magic in the grass' is temporarily closed to new purchases while I go and get myself all married!  


I won't be picking up an messages (or tools!) until August 10th when the shop will reopen with some new goodies!


Thank you all for your patience, love Nikki x

Throughout 2017 'Magic in the grass' is helping to raise £35,000 to fund Coopa's life changing operation (SDR) which will help this 5 year old girl to get on her feet.

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Coopa's wish is to walk.


Coops is a very special, very brave, bright little girl who lives life as happy as any other 5 year old girl does, but struggles to do as any other 5 year old girl does.


Coopa has a condition which means she is unable to walk or even stand unaided.  Coopa was born 7 weeks premature which left her on a high dependacy ward needing help to breathe for 2 weeks.


When Coopa was 18 months old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy,mainly affecting her legs.  Coopa has been given treatment for the last 3 years which as involved physiotherapy/medication/botox injections to try and relax her muscles in her legs.  Not having much success with these treatments Coopa as now been given the opportunity to have a possible life changing operation (SDR).


SELECTIVE DORSAL RHIZOTOMY is an operation that helps children with stiffness (spasticity) in their legs due to cerebral palsy. The procedure involves cutting a number of sensory nerves in the lower spine.  The reason for cutting sensory nerves is that the messages from these nerves are abnormal in children with cerebral palsy leading to stiffness (spasticity).


Unfortunately this operation is not funded by the NHS and costs a massive £14,314 for the operation, and the aftercare (intense physiotherapy) costs an extra £20,000


We are hoping to raise these funds to change this little girls life in the very near future..


All donations are very much appreciated as are suggestions/ideas on fundraising events.  





For every cuff that I sell throughout 2017,

£5 will be donated to the cause.